Extracts from Federal Law #149-FZ dated July 27, 2006

"On Information, Information Technologies, and Information Protection" (PDF)

To service providers

The list of domain names, website references and network addresses within “Internet” network allowing one to identify a website within “Internet” network whose access must be restricted by the internet service provider is updated upon changes made

Access to the specified information is granted to the service providers manually or automatically in 24 hours mode.

Roskomnadzor draws attention to the fact that access to extraction of register is performed solely by using a qualified electronic signature issued by any center authorized by the Russian Ministry of Communications.

In case if the owner of software-hardware appliances that provide access to information resources, information-telecommunication networks, the access to which is restricted, ensures the execution of legal obligations and sends notifications about it, the register operator conducts a verification and, in case if this information is confirmed, sends notification about renewal of access to the corresponding information resource to service provider.

Information provided within extraction of register

The domain name of site, network address, uniform resource locators within “Internet” network are uploaded for every register record.